B2B Gateway Onboarding for Merchants or Partners

Tutorial Video: Merchant Portal Onboarding - Click XiPay Onboarding (B2B Gateway) in Table of Contents

Onboarding begins with creating the necessary Payment Configurations based on your business needs. When done, you submit an Onboarding Setup Request that gets processed by Worldpay from FIS (B2B Payments). If you have submitted a B2B Gateway setup request in Merchant Portal already and need to make a change, you will modify the current B2B Gateway Payment Configuration in Merchant Portal and resubmit the Onboarding Setup Request.

What is a B2B Gateway payment configuration?

A Payment Configuration is a unique payment processing environment with processor-specific configuration settings. The Payment Configuration is created in Merchant Portal. It results in a Server ID in B2B Gateway, also referred to as an XIID.

In the B2B Virtual Terminal, you will see a dropdown menu titled "Server ID".

Payment Configuration, Server ID, and XIID all refer to the unique B2B Gateway processing environment.

B2B Gateway high-level onboarding process

1.Add Payment Configurations for Development environment.

2.Submit the Development Onboarding Request.

3.Perform Development activities.

4.Add Payment Configurations for QA and Production environments.

5.Submit the QA Onboarding Request

a.The same steps as Dev environment in Step 2 but, select the QA section on the Onboarding page.

6.Perform QA activities.

7.Perform Certification activities.

a.There are multiple Onboarding Request submissions involved in this step. Please refer to the Certification section for details.

8.Submit the Production Onboarding Request.

a.The same steps as Dev environment in Step 2 but, select the Production section on the Onboarding page.

9.Set the WSA Production Password.

10.Once Production environment is created and you are ready for go-live, submit the Production Readiness Review Onboarding Request.

a.The same steps as Dev environment in Step 2 but, select the Production Readiness Review section on the Onboarding page.

If any On-Demand Service for a given environment is in a Requested state, then the top level status for the environment will indicate requested. See Onboarding Setup Request Statuses.

Procedures for adding and maintaining payment configurations

Adding payment configurations

Copying payment configurations

Creating child payment configurations

Editing payment configurations

Set B2B Gateway WSA password

B2B Gateway compare server subs

B2B Gateway routing