B2B Customer Verify-Elavon EMV Token Exchange for Merchants or Partners

B2B Customer Verify Fraud Service Providers and Token Exchange Providers are configured in Merchant Portal.

For CyberSource customers, see the following details.

Important considerations for CyberSource clients

A. If you implementing ONLY fraud calls through CyberSource and authorizations through a different processor:

You will follow the process of setting up the Fraud Provider per the procedure documented below. Then

B. If you are implementing fraud services AND authorizations through CyberSource, you will only need to create a Payment Configuration and configure the fraud settings. You do not need to setup CyberSource as a Fraud Provider via the following procedure.

High-level onboarding process for B2B Customer Verify and Token Exchange

1.Your Fraud Service/Token Exchange Provider(s) must first be configured (CyberSource Clients implementing BOTH fraud and payments through CyberSource should skip this step).

2.Complete the appropriate FSP information (see notes above regarding CyberSource).

3.Click save.

4.Navigate to Settings | Onboarding.

5.Expand the appropriate environment section.

6.Select the XiPay (B2B Gateway) Provider(s) tab.

7.Select the appropriate checkbox(es).

8.Either click Request Setup button at this time, OR continue to the other On-Demand Service tabs, if necessary.

9.You are prompted to enter onboarding notes.

10.For new Onboarding request, in the notes you may want to include information if you will have multiple phases of your project and that you will be submitting more environment/setup requests later. The main purpose of the Onboarding notes is to summarize why the request is being made. This is more applicable in the Change process.

11.Click Request Setup. Your request is submitted and the status for the given environment changes to Requested.

12.Once the request is processed, an email notification is sent to the Approving Managers and all Consultants assigned to the Merchant. We will update the Onboarding notes with a summary of tasks being performed.