The B2B Updater solution requires the following:

Merchants should establish the necessary contracts with the Card Updater Service Provider and obtain the applicable configuration/authentication identifiers.

oFrom Paymentech Salem: obtain the unique Division ID Numbers per Merchant for QA and Production

oFrom Elavon: obtain the unique Merchant Number and Merchant FI Number for QA and Production

For the B2B File Transfer component, the following information is required (captured on the Onboarding Form):

oOriginating IP range so B2B Payments can open traffic as needed

oEmail addresses for individuals you want to receive alerts and/or notifications

NOTE: The Onboarding Form available for download on Merchant Portal Resources page.

Authentication/encryption requirements:

oB2B Payment's SSH public key provided to the Merchant for SFTP authentication against the Merchant is the preferred method. Alternatively, a username/password supplied by the Merchant can be used.

oIf PGP encryption is to be used to transmit the file between B2B Payments and the Merchant, then the Merchant will need to supply their PGP key to us for decrypting incoming files, and we will supply their PGP key to the Merchant when receiving files.

oMerchant’s SSH public key provided to us used for SFTP authentication against B2B Payments. B2B Payments Security does not permit password authentication.

Internal: Add B2B Updater to Merchant Profile

Note that help section only displays on the INTERNAL Merchant Portal (MP) help site, it is not in the External MP help nor B2B Assist site.

Add B2B Updater to Merchant Profile

To add B2B Updater to a Merchant's Profile, when either adding or editing on existing Merchant, perform the following steps:

1.Contract Products tab: select XiUpdater.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

2.Services tab:

a.You must select the XiTransfer checkbox to activate B2B Updater.

b.Select the XiUpdater checkbox.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

3.Click the Activate tab and select the XiTransfer checkbox.

4.Click Review tab and then Finished.

5.End procedure.

In Merchant Portal, the B2B Updater Adapter must be created and the Onboarding request submitted in order to Process the Onboarding Request. This can be performed by Merchant or Implementation Consultant. See the following Configure and Submit Onboarding Request for B2B Updater section.

Configure and submit onboarding request for B2B Updater


B2B Payments must add B2B Updater to the Merchant Portal Service Profile in order to see the Updater menu option.

Obtain the necessary configuration values from your Card Updater Service Provider (see Requirements above)


Perform the following steps to configure and submit the request for your B2B Updater account/environment:

1.Download the B2B File Transfer Onboarding Form from Merchant Portal Resources page and complete.

a.A separate row should be created for each unique combination of the following:

i.File Provider

ii.File Recipient

iii.File Format (Two XiUpdater Formats are: Visa-M/C OR Amex)

NOTE: Your Implementation Consultant can assist with this task.

2.Navigate to Settings | XiUpdater.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

3.Click add.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

4.Config ID - enter a descriptive name (e.g. PSalemUSD)

5.Updater Adapters - select the Card Updater Service Providers from the dropdown list

6.Complete the fields that display in the Adapter Configuration section depending upon the Updater Adapters you selected.

7.Click save.

8.Navigate to Settings | Onboarding.

9.Select the XiUpdater tab.

10.Select checkbox for the XiUpdater Adapter to be processed and then click the [Request Setup] button.

11.Status changes to Requested. An email notification will sent to Approving Managers, Onboarding Edit users and Implementation Consultants once the request is processed.


Internal: Process B2B Updater onboarding request

Note that help section only displays on the INTERNAL Merchant Portal (MP) help site, it is not in the External MP help nor B2B Assist site.

Processing the B2B Updater onboarding requests consists of the following. Perform these IN THIS ORDER. I.e. process B2B Updater Onboarding in Merchant Portal first, then perform the setup using the B2B File Transfer Admin Tool.

1.Using the standard Merchant Onboarding Status page in Merchant Portal to process the Onboarding requests.

2.The manual B2B File Transfer setup using the Admin Tool.