When implementing B2B Secure through a Tokenization Partner's solution, the Merchant will create a B2B Secure Vault to create a unique Vault ID for the given Merchant and B2B Secure DSP combination.

There will only be one DSP if the Merchant does not create additional B2B Secure clients for other uses outside of the Tokenization Partner solution.


1.Go to Settings > XiSecure (B2B Secure) > Vault Ids.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

2.Click add.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

3.Complete the following fields:

3.1.DSP - defaults unless you have created additional B2B Secure clients, choose the one that your Tokenization Partner is using.

3.2.Vault Name - choose a descriptive name that your Tokenization Partner will recognize.

3.3.Tokenization Partner - defaults based on your assigned Tokenization Partner, there will be a dropdown if you have more than one.

4.Click save.

Supporting documentation

The following document provides integration details for the Tokenization Partner. Partners can request this document from their B2B Payments Consultant.

Tokenization Partner Integration Guide