XiTransfer is a multi-service product that allows customers to transmit sensitive data to and from B2B Payments and other third parties while staying out of PCI scope. XiTransfer is configurable and supports many unique workflows. This is accomplished through several independent services working together including:

Delivery Service – Delivers files to and from remote locations either on demand or at scheduled intervals.

Tokenization Service – Tokenizes or detokenizes the contents of a file based on the file format and configuration settings.

Admin Portal – Internal web interface where all XiTransfer-related administration and configuration tasks are performed.

Archive File Cleanup Service – Archives and deletes processed files based on a set of customizable rules.

QueueWorkItem – Used by internal services to queue specific work tasks as needed.

The XiTransfer workflow process is shown below.

XiTransfer Workflow Process

Admin Portal

XiTransfer Admin Portal is a web interface where all aspects of the XiTransfer services are configured and managed. This is an internal-facing application ONLY and should never be accessed by Merchants or any other non-B2B Payments users.

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Use Home to view different reports and logging details for the various XiTransfer services.

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This section has a single configuration view where Merchants can configure individual rules.

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Rule Configuration Options

Rule Configuration options are shown below.

Configuration Detail

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hmtoggle_plus1 Provider Source and Destination

hmtoggle_plus1 File Format Source and Destination

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This section also has a single configuration view for setting up and configuring individual providers.

hmtoggle_plus1 Configuration


Configuration allows you to view and edit global XiTransfer configuration settings.

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Work Queue

You can view and run individual items in the Work Queue. You can also validate rule configurations and individual file types.

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Delivery Service

The Delivery Service is responsible for all file transmission aspects of XiTransfer. This includes downloading files from a source SFTP site and uploading the processed results to a separate SFTP destination site. Additionally, it also handles any encryption/decryption operations during that process. The Delivery Service is designed to be installed independently of all other XiTransfer services, and supports multiple instances running concurrently.

Files are moved to and from XiTransfer in three main ways: SFTP Pull, SFTP Push, and SFTP Inbound.

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hmtoggle_plus1 SFTP Push

hmtoggle_plus1 SFTP Inbound

Tokenization Service

The Tokenization service is responsible for tokenizing and detokenizing the contents of files for XiTransfer, according to the configuration options specified in the rule.

The service supports multiple industry file formats including two custom formats, which allow multiple configuration options. Additionally, the service is designed to be installed independently of all other XiTransfer services and can run on multiple servers at the same time.

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QueueWorkItem is a standalone executable application that gets called on demand by other services. It allows other services to schedule XiTransfer work items. As a result, whatever service is calling QueueWorkItem will need execute permissions on the XiTransfer database for the service account.

You can use a command prompt to call QueueWorkItem along with the relevant parameters:

E:\Paymetric\QueueWorkItem\bin\QueueWorkItem.exe --user=UserName --file=FileName --protocol=Protocol --remotepath=RemotePath --success=Success


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Cerberus is the main SFTP client used with XiTransfer. You can use it to upload files to local directories. These are monitored by Cerberus and associated with specific rules. You can then use XiTransfer services on demand to process uploaded files.

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