This page allows you to maintain the processor-assigned TID pool values for your processor merchant ID(s).

Key points and considerations

The TID Pool Configuration menu option displays once B2B Payments enables a Cartridge in the Merchant's profile (a.k.a. the Merchant wizard) that supports this feature. As of Feb 3, 2020, it is supported for Elavon Encompass cartridge.

For a given Merchant in Merchant Portal, a TID pool can only be associated to a single Processor/Cartridge and Merchant ID. An error message displays if you attempt to save a TID pool configuration that is already configured for another cartridge/merchant ID.

You may have multiple Merchants in Merchant Portal that have the same TID pool/merchant ID. A warning message displays for the B2B Payments onboarding resource whenever the onboarding request is being processed.

How to configure

Simply select add or edit to create or change a TID pool entry.

Select the appropriate Cartridge. The Merchant ID dropdown is then populated with the Merchant IDs.

TID pools can be entered in the following formats:

Comma-separated list - 1234560, 1234561, 1234562

Range - 1234560-1234562

Combination of both - 1234560, 1234561, 1234562, 1234566-1234580




Once your TID pool configuration is onboarded and processed, you can only edit the actual TID pool values.