Terms & Conditions is applicable to Merchants that support Buyers and eCheck payments.

When a Buyer user clicks "Submit" for an eCheck payment in BillPay Portal he/she is prompted to accept the Terms & Conditions. This includes whether the Buyer is paying now, creating or managing a scheduled payment, or making a prepayment.

Configure eCheck terms & conditions

1.In Merchant Portal, navigate to Settings | BillPay to access the BillPay: Configuration page.

2.On the Payments (basics) tab, click edit and enable the Support eCheck option.

3.The Merchant user can completely change the Terms & Conditions text or simply edit the contents in brackets [ ] in the default text.

a.NOTE: The brackets do not indicate a variable, you must remove the brackets and add your own text. The text is bold in the following example so you can more easily see where the content needs to be updated with your information.

I authorize [Company Name] hereinafter named COMPANY to initiate the ACH/electronic debit transaction(s) listed below to my account using the routing and account number above. I agree that ACH transactions I authorize comply with all applicable law. IF THE PAYMENT IS SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE OR THE AUTHORIZATION IS FOR RECURRING DEBITS, INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: I understand that this authorization will remain in full force and effect until I notify COMPANY [insert manner of revocation, i.e., in writing, by phone, location, address, etc.] that I wish to revoke this authorization. I understand that COMPANY requires at least [X days/weeks] prior notice in order to cancel this authorization. Payments made after [HH:MM PM Eastern Time] will be applied as of the next business day. To complete the payment process, select “I accept the Terms & Conditions”, click the “authorize accept terms & conditions” button, and complete the payment process. Once payment is authorized, there cannot be any changes or corrections. It is recommended that you print a copy of this authorization and maintain it for your records.

4.Click save when you are done.