Surcharges apply to credit card transactions only (does not apply to echeck or debit card, etc.).

Merchants should direct any questions about the legality of surcharging to their own legal counsel as there could be certain limitations based on locale, percentage restrictions, etc. The Merchant is responsible for configuring the surcharge disclosure text that displays in BillPay.


If surcharges are enabled, the surcharge disclosure message always displays in BillPay Portal. It displays during two of the steps when the user is making a payment: Step 2 - Payment Method and Step 3 Review and Submit payment.

If a surcharge is applicable, it is stored in a separate field and does not go towards the balance of an invoice. In BillPay Portal, you see the following values related to the surcharge:

SubTotal which equals payment amount excluding surcharge

Surcharge = surcharge amount

Total Payment = payment amount + surcharge