While Phase 4 is in Requested status, it is in B2B Payment's work queue. They will run validations and review each test case transaction to ensure it meets the expected criteria for the given scenario.

A notification is emailed to the Approving Manager(s) and SI Consultant(s) indicating whether the certification request passed or failed. Note that users with Onboarding Edit role currently do not receive the email notifications; however, the requests are processed within one business day. You can log in and check the status at any time.


For internal use only

Interpreting certification rule messages

Certification validations in Merchant Portal are done based on the Certification Rules. Currently the validation failure messages are generated from these rules. B2B Payments will replace the Merchant Portal generated messages with a more user-friendly interpretation.

Certification rule messages consist of the following parts:

Rule(Field Name)("value in XiPay"))="value it should be if applicable"


FirstNotBlank(ECOMMERCE_I("blank"), Ecommerce Indicator("1")) = "7"

What do the rules mean?




User friendly interpretation


Indicates an override scenario. Meaning there is an XiPay Configuration Setting that can be overridden with a value passed in either an InfoItem or Packet field within the transaction.

It looks at the first value that is not blank.

FirstNotBlank(ECOMMERCE_I("blank"), Ecommerce Indicator("1")) = "7"

Either the Ecommerce Indicator configuration setting in XiPay must be set to 7 OR override the configuration by setting the InfoItem ECOMMERCE_I to 7.


Indicates that at least one of the listed fields cannot be blank.

OneNotBlank(CardHolderAddress1("blank"), CardHolderZip("blank"))

Either the CardHolderAddress1 OR the CardHolderZip standard Packet field must be populated during the authorization. Both are currently blank.


Indicates that NONE of the listed fields can be blank.


No CVV nor CID value was entered for the authorization. The TR_CARD_CIDREPONSE field that contains the CVV/CID response code from the Processor must not be blank.