The Solution Summary (SS) represents the complete B2B Payments solution being implemented as defined by the Merchant with input from the System Integrator (if applicable).

The information is entered by the Merchant and then is validated against what is actually configured in the QA environment.

The Solution Summary drives what test case scenarios are generated by B2B Payments.

There are three sections of information for the Solution Summary: Merchant Details, Merchant Configuration and XIID, expand each section further below for details.

hmtoggle_plus1 Merchant details

hmtoggle_plus1 Merchant configuration

hmtoggle_plus1 XIIDs


1.On the Solution Summary page, complete the Merchant Details section.

2.In the Merchant Configuration section:

a.Verify the information in the Source Systems and SAP Integration sections. If necessary, make edits. Note that if Certification is in progress, edits in either of these sections could trigger a re-start of the Certification process.

b.Verify the information in the Services section. Contact your Relationship Manager if any services are missing or incorrect.

3.XIIDs section, verify the information. If edits are necessary, navigate to Settings | XiPay

4.Under Solution Summary section, select the Request Review of Solution Summary checkbox and then click [Request Setup] button.

5.Solution Status status becomes Complete and Review Setup status is now Requested.

6.B2B Payments will review the Solution Summary, and create test case scenarios within one business day.

Export solution summary document

Once complete, you can export the full Solution Summary in a PDF format.