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The Service-Level Agreement Report provides a list of all Onboarding requests with the total elapsed time in Days and Hours from the time the requested was submitted until the request was processed by B2B Payments Onboarding (OB) Services.

In the example below, there is one request that was processed which has the Total Time as 1 Day, 2 Hours. The second request has been submitted but not yet processed; therefore, the Total Time column is still blank.


The Process Name column contains the following:

oIf the request is still pending, the Merchant's short name + environment name

oIf the request is in a Complete status, it changes to Merchant's short name + date/time processed

The Analyst is the name of the OB Services Analyst that processed the request. This is blank until the request is completed.

A checkmark in the Expedited column indicates the OB requests was submitted with the Expedite Request flag.

A checkmark in the In Request column indicates the OB request is still pending processing by OB Services. You can also tell it has not been requested if the Total Time column is blank.

You can easily find the desired information using the standard Merchant Portal sort and filter functionality. Tip: remember that the default filter type is "Begins with"; click the filter icon and change to "Contains" to broaden the search if needed.