Partners - Services Onboarding

Integration partners

Partners/Integrators can submit Onboarding requests on behalf of the Merchants to which they are assigned. The Onboarding procedures for each of the B2B Payments On-Demand Services.

See Configure and Onboard Services under the "For Merchants..." section for Onboarding procedures for each On-Demand Service.

Tokenization partners

Tokenization Partners have a different view than the Integration Partners. If you are a Tokenization Partner only, then you will see two main menu tabs: Vaults and Admin Settings.


A Tokenization Partner has a single XiSecure Client Certificate for all Merchants. The Merchants then have a Vault ID associated with their Data Set Profile(s) (DSP).

XiSecure onboarding - request environment

To request the XiSecure environment, the Tokenization Partner simply navigates to Vaults | XiSecure and uploads the CSR for QA and Production.

Once the request is processed, Merchants can now create their Vault IDs.

The Tokenization Partner can view all Vault IDs by navigating to Vaults | XiSecure.

Merchant vault

The Tokenization Partner should send the Vault ID when making calls to XiSecure to identify the Merchant's DSP. Request the Tokenization Partner Integration Guide from your B2B Payments Consultant.

Supporting documentation

Tokenization Partner Integration Guide


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