Compare Server Subs provides a view of the settings for the payment configuration properties (a.k.a. server subs) for Portal, QA, and Production environments.

To view the Compare Server Subs, perform the following steps:

1.Navigate to Settings | Services | B2B Gateway (XiPay) | Compare Server Subs

a.NOTE: If your organization has multiple merchants, double click a merchant line to select. The Compare Server Subs page opens.

2.Click the drop down menu to display the list of payment configuration and their respective payment cartridges.

3.Select a payment configuration/cartridge to view.


4.The Server Subs Compare page opens and displays the cartridge setup information by rows for:

a.Portal - the values in the Payment Configuration within in the Portal

b.QA - the actual values in XiPay QA environment; column heading includes the XIID and status

c.Production - the actual values in XiPay PROD environment; column heading includes the XIID and status

Click to expand

Click to expand

Fields noted with blue fonts are defaults from processor cartridges.

Fields noted with black fonts were input by the merchant or their system integrator.

Differences between the server subs are noted with red fonts.

Note that to modify any setting you will need to modify the Payment Configuration and submit an Onboarding Setup Request per environment.