B2B Payment's payment and tokenization solution for SAP utilizes the following B2B Payments cloud-based services. Click on the name of the Service to access the detailed onboarding procedures for each.

B2B Gateway

Provides payment and settlement functionality. B2B Gateway has associated Payment Configurations (PC) that are represented with separate XIIDs. You may require multiple XIIDs depending upon your payment processing needs; B2B Payments will assist in making this determination.

B2B Secure

The token vault that is used by B2B Intercept. You must have a B2B Secure Data Set Profile established for your token vault. You will also obtain a signed B2B Secure client certificate if you need to perform mass tokenization of existing card numbers.

Intercept eCommerce

Only needed if implementing tokenization from SAP CRM Web UI. The service that communicates between SAP CRM and B2B Secure to generate and/or obtain tokens.

There are client-side components that support integration for this solution. Refer to the B2B Gateway Platform SAP Integration Guide, B2B Secure Platform SAP Integration Guide and Intercept eCommerce Integration Guide for more information.