SAP Digital Payments Add-On allows you to facilitate secure, end-to-end processing of digital payments. Two adapters are available for use with the SAP Digital Payments Add-On:

Paymetric B2B Gateway Adapter

Access Worldpay Adapter

Key terms

Review the following key terms to help with your understanding of the setup, configuration, and administration of SAP Digital Payments Add-On in Merchant Portal.




An organization with a signed contract to process payments using SAP Digital Payments Add-On.

Payment Service Provider

An organization that processes payments triggered by a customer. If handling credit card data, will be subject to PCI DSS regulations.


A grouping of data for one organization or legal entity. A customer will usually only have one tenant in an individual data center. The number of tenants a customer has will therefore vary in accordance with the number of data centers the customer wants to use.

In SAP Digital Payments Add-On, this is the Tenant ID and the Tenant Subdomain.

In Merchant Portal, the tenant can have multiple merchant accounts. This is the Merchant ID.

For more information on the the SAP Digital Payments Add-On account setup, refer to the SAP documentation: