This topic covers how to reset a user's password. An email is generated by this action with a new temporary password which the user must change.

Additional information

Users can also reset their own password by using the B2B Virtual Terminal User Management utility.

This self-service utility allows users to reset and change their passwords as well as submit requests to the AMs to enable/unlock their account if necessary.

NOTE: If you are redirected to the Merchant Portal login page, verify that you do not have ".aspx" and the end of the xipayusermanagment URL.

How to reset the password for a B2B Virtual Terminal user

1.Go to Settings > WebGUI Users (Virtual Terminal Users). If your organization has multiple merchants, double click a merchant line to select.

2.Select the user that needs their password reset.

3.Click expand Expand to view all options available.

4.Click the reset password option, and then click OK. An email with a temporary password is automatically sent to the Email address on the User's profile, The email instructs them to click a link to set a permanent password.