NOTE: This topic is applicable to Merchants. Partners/Integrators see Integrator Portal Users topic.

As explained in the User Types section below, the Portal Users page is used to maintain all Merchant Portal users, BilPay Portal Merchant users (not Buyer users) and the Functional & Technical Contacts. Expand the following screenshot for a quick overview of the page. Detailed information on the user types and how to maintain users are in the sections further below.

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Click to Expand

hmtoggle_plus1 User types maintained in Merchant Portal

hmtoggle_plus1 Add / edit a Merchant Portal user

hmtoggle_plus1 Add / edit a functional or technical contact

hmtoggle_plus1 Add / edit a BillPay Merchant user

hmtoggle_plus1 Enable, disable, or unlock Merchant or BillPay users

hmtoggle_plus1 Delete user