The Notification Relay menu option is only available if it is enabled during onboarding in the Merchant's profile. After the Onboarding team enables the Service and Providers in the merchant's profile, menu options display under the Settings menu.

There are client-side components that support integration for this solution. Refer to the B2B Payments Worldpay APMs Integration Guide for more information.

How to configure Worldpay APM

1.Go to Settings > Services > Notification Relay.

2.Initially, the read view of this tab only displays Support Worldpay Notifications as disabled. Click edit to enable and configure additional fields identified below.


3.Complete the following fields as applicable:

a.Support Worldpay Notifications - select checkbox to enable notifications and activate configuration fields.

b.Enable XiPay Update on Notification - select checkbox to have the Notification Relay service automatically update the transactions in XiPay when a notification is received from APM/WP.

c.Payment Configurations - displays the XiPay Payment Configurations configured for Worldpay that route on the Routing Merchant ID; select all that apply for the APMs.

d.Send Notifications - enable to have the Notification Relay service send a call to your defined endpoint URL when a transaction is updated.

4.If you have Send Notifications enabled, supply the following for each environment, QA and Production:

a.Notification Endpoint - https URL used by Notification Relay to POST the notification Id(s) that have been updated.

b.Rest IP - the merchant's origination IP range for the Notification Endpoint.

5.Click save. Continue to submit the onboarding request.