The purpose of this SOP is to outline the steps needed to onboard a client to B2B File Transfer that is NOT using SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense.

Intended audience

B2B Payments Client Services Onboarding Team

Additional information

This SOP is only for customers that are NOT utilizing SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense. If the customer is utilizing SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, refer to the SAP C4TE Onboarding SOP.

Confirm that the customer is added in Merchant Portal. If not, please contact the Relationship Manager.


hmtoggle_plus1 Provision the B2B Secure account / DSP / internal certificate

hmtoggle_plus1 If Detokenization is in scope, complete the following steps. If not, skip to next section.

hmtoggle_plus1 Setup the customer in B2B File Transfer

hmtoggle_plus1 Have SaaS Ops setup the ExFTS directory and WSA credentials

hmtoggle_plus1 Send the file provider package to the file provider

hmtoggle_plus1 When the File Provider Provides the SSH Public Key and IP Range

hmtoggle_plus1 When the SSH Public Key is Applied and the IP Range is Opened on the Firewall

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