Help Revision History


Refer to the following table for the latest Merchant Portal help site revision history.


Publish date



The following adapters are now available for use with the SAP Digital Payments Add-On:

Paymetric B2B Gateway Adapter


The following adapters are now available for use with the SAP Digital Payments Add-On:

Access Worldpay Adapter


This release supports the following:

Cancel (void) authorizations for SAP Digital Payments Add-On

TreviPay Notifications

When you edit a Merchant, you can select Notification Relay on the Services tab to enable this feature. See the Add Merchant topic.


This release supports SAP Digital Payments Add-On. To configure the Adapter profile, see the SAP Digital Payments Add-On topic.

When you add or edit a Merchant, you can select SAP Digital Payments Add-On on the Services tab. See the Add Merchant topic.


Added the ability to disable access to the raw credit card numbers on the XIID in Virtual Terminal. This is set internally in the Merchant's profile.  This Setting is available on the Services tab. See the Add Merchant topic.


The Euro is now a supported currency in BillPay. You can enable it from the Supported Currencies dropdown on the Payments (basic) tab. For more information, see the BillPay Configuration topic. When a Merchant has enabled the Euro on the Payments (basic) tab, they will be able to configure a Merchant Division using this currency. For more information, see the BillPay Merchant Division topic.

Changed the following for rebranding:

oXiBillPay to BillPay

oXiPay to B2B Gateway

oXiPay WebGUI to B2B Virtual Terminal

oXiSecure to B2B Secure

oXiIntercept for SAP to B2B Intercept SAP

oXiIntercept Standalone to B2B Intercept Standalone

oXiIntercept for eCommerce to Intercept eCommerce

oXiVerify to B2B Customer Verify

oXiTransfer to B2B File Transfer

oXiUpdater to B2B Updater

oSecurelink to B2B Securelink

oXiAssist to B2B Assist


In support of the Token Management Service, added the following topics:

Network Payment Token Service

Configure NPT Users

Configure NPT Profiles

Submit NPT Onboarding Request


Updated the Configure TES Account, Configure TES Profile, and Submit TES Onboarding Request topics.  


Added the Using XiTransfer Admin topic. No additional configuration is required by the Merchant.  

The XiTransfer Configuration section was updated with all settings including notes for multi-factor authentication. You must use multil-factor SFTP authentication for XiTransfer. This is done via the SSH Key and Password.


In support of BillPay, updated the BillPay Configuration topic for the following:

When you add a new Reason Code, you can enter a maximum of 20 characters for the Name.

You can enter a support email address, which will allow BillPay users to send a "contact us" email. Emails will be sent to the Merchant for that configured email address.

You can configure a custom message that displays in BillPay. This will display every time a Merchant or Buyer user logs into BillPay.


Added Token Exchange Service topic. Added TES content to XiIntercept Standalone and XiIntercept eCommerce topics.


Added Level 3 settings to BillPay Configuration topic. Modified the Services section on Add Merchant and Edit Merchant topics.


Added Key Points and Considerations to TID Pool Configuration topic.


Added TID Pool Configuration topic.


Added convenience fee configuration details and updated BillPay configuration settings and screenshots.


Added surcharge configuration details and updated BillPay configuration settings and screenshots.


Modified supported languages for BillPay solution.


Various formatting changes and content clean-up throughout.

Added BillPay SSO tab to BillPay Configuration topic.

Added BillPay SSO content in wizard.


Modified BillPay Roles topic to streamline the information and added more information to the permission description table.


Corrected XiPay On-Demand Processor Support link on XiPay-XiVerify Data Mappings topic.

Added integration guide reference to XiSecure Vault IDs and Services Onboarding for Partners topics.


In support of BillPay Release Phase 2, Release 2,

BillPay Configuration topic, under Payments (enhanced) tab section, included Residual Payment information with Partial.

BillPay Basic and Enhanced Features, added Due Date, Prepopulate, and Display CVV information

Enable BillPay topic changes:

oStreamlined the prereqs section to point to Step 3 below.

oAdded additional intro verbiage under Steps to Enable section.

oAdded Residual payment in Step 3 with note about SAP implementations one or the other.

oAdded (enhanced) in tab name in Step 3 where applicable.


In support of BillPay Release Phase 2, Release 2, edited BillPay Configuration; new screenshots for each tab and updated field description tables. Broke-out the new Payments (basic) and Payments (enhanced tabs) Added Terms & Conditions topic. INTERNAL: Edited Enable BillPay topic.


On Portal Users topic, added Portal Users Page Overview section and added Enable, Disable, or Unlock User section to replace the individual procedures as it is now in a single column.


Added View Reports Merchant Portal permission role on Portal Users topic under the Add/Edit a Merchant Portal User dropdown section.


In support of the BillPay Activity Report:

Added BillPay Teams

Edited BillPay Roles


Reworked the For Paymetric section to include more information around Onboarding from an internal perspective. Added BillPay content.


Added XiUpdater information to Dev sites. INTERNAL: Also made some general Table of Contents and topic clean-up. Added XiTransfer Onboarding section.


Publish to Dev site only. More changes related to MP 2.0 release. Add AliPay information to the XiIntercept eComm Onboarding topic. Added SAP Solution Onboarding for a central topic that identifies the Onboarding requirements for SAP implementations.


Publish to Dev site only. Changes related to MP 2.0 release. Screenshot updates and content clean-up.


XiSecure SAP ECC IK 3.0.1 release information added. Corrected link for Best Practices - Security and Level 3 Validation video. Remove POST online training link as it is no longer applicable.


Added links to the Adyen, SVS ComData and Worldpay data mappings for the XiPay-XiVerify Data Mappings topic that lists them all to provide another way to access the files.


Added Release Notes for XiIntercept Standalone 3.0.0.


Added Compatibility Summary for PCMA and the XiSecure IKs in the Paymetric Releases section.


Added Oracle Onboarding topic.


Added Process from Contract to Post Go-live and Merchant Project Checklist.

Restructured Services Onboarding section. Updated the Resources and Integration section.


Modified Onboarding Process. Dev and Prod environment creation now occurs simultaneously, followed by Certification and finally Pre Go-live Transition. Changed onboarding related content through-out the help where applicable.

Under Integrators section, added Remove Consultants from Portal topic.

In Reset Password procedure for XiPay WebGUI users, added step to click the plus sign to expand the action menu on XiPay WebGUI users page in order to see the reset option.

Under Internal section,

Added Process Overviews to each of the Internal Onboarding scenarios (A, B & C).

Added Determining the Services to Select topic.


XiTransfer Onboarding Form updated.


Added DI CRM content to DI for SAP ERP/CRM Onboarding and DI for eCommerce Onboarding topics.

Updated the bullet point on Renew or Replace XiSecure Certificate topic regarding the certificate expiry notifications being sent each Monday morning.

INTERNAL ONLY: Added Determining the Services to Select as stop-gap measure for items not fully represented in the Portal. Only internal users can see this item.


Added XiSecure SAP IK 2.4.2 Release Notes.


Included XiRecon & XiOptimize in Integrating Payment Services and the Implementation Overview section.


Restructured Table of Contents.

Rewrote certification content for new process in Merchant Portal.

Add link to external help site in the internal help site so Paymetric users can view the same help content as Merchants and System Integrators to both the Welcome page and the For Paymetric section title page.


Modified the Approving Managers-Portal Admins topic to further clarify responsibilities and time commitments for individuals acting in this role.

Added Paymetric URLs topic.