A merchant's profile consists of the following information.

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hmtoggle_plus0Merchant logo

You can customize your Merchant Portal by uploading a logo image. Note that the logo will automatically be re-sized if the dimensions exceed 200 x 80 pixels. Simply click the change logo option and upload the image file. Note that images exceeding 200 x 80 will resize automatically.

hmtoggle_plus1  Merchant information

hmtoggle_plus0Supported environments

This area lists the environments for which you are contracted; environment options include Development, Quality Assurance, and Production.

hmtoggle_plus1  Projected volumes


The On-Demand Services purchased and related contractual information for a given service are listed in this area.

hmtoggle_plus0Source systems

The Source Systems that will be integrating to On-Demand Services that are captured at project kickoff are listed in this area.

hmtoggle_plus1  SAP integrations