Services Onboarding for B2B Payments

High-level services onboarding process

A.B2B PAYMENTS adds and/or enables the Service for the Merchant's profile.

B.B2B PAYMENTS with MERCHANT configures the given service and submits an Onboarding Request from the Onboarding page.

C.B2B PAYMENTS processes the Onboarding Request (on the "Merchant Onboarding Status" page which is only available to internal B2B Payments users).

Merchant onboarding status page

The Merchant Onboarding Status page is used to process the Services Onboarding requests. The Onboarding requests are generated via the Onboarding page by either the Merchant, B2B Payments, or a Partner.

This section contains topics related to B2B Payments Internal processing of the submitted Onboarding requests.


For details on configuration and submitting the Onboarding request, refer to the either of the following sections:

For Merchants | Services Onboarding topic

For Partners / Integrators | Services Onboarding

Before a Merchant or Consultant can perform any configuration required for a given and submit the Onboarding request which allows B2B Payments to process and setup the environment, the Service must be added to the Merchant's profile.

While many of the basic onboarding processes and procedures are very similar for all services, this section provides onboarding information for each B2B Payments Service including the solutions around the client-side components.

How to add/enable...



SAP Digital Payments Add-On

NOTE: The other services will be added at a later date. They are more straightforward and several individuals already know that information. BillPay and XiTransfer are less known and more involved so we wanted to focus on providing this information for internal reference.

Section contents:

Add/Enable Services for Merchant

XiTransfer Onboarding

Process Onboarding Requests

Disabling Former B2B Payments Clients

How to Create a P12 File

FileSpace Secure File Transfer


Environment Requests

Certification Rules