Configure and Onboard Services

The Onboarding page is used to submit environment setup requests and any change requests. You must FIRST configure the Services for Onboarding. See the appropriate Service Configuration topics below.

Topic contents:

Key points before you begin onboarding

Onboarding process

Configure services for onboarding

Onboarding statuses

Key points before you begin onboarding

Both the Merchant and the System Integrator can submit Onboarding requests.

B2B Gateway is the only service with a separate development environment, all others use QA for development.

Each B2B Payments Service has its own setup or configuration requirements and then an Onboarding setup request is submitted.

The Onboarding page is used to initiate any environment setup request whether it is the initial setup or changes.

You are notified via email once the Service Onboarding request is processed.

Onboarding process

1.Complete the appropriate Service Configuration (links to detailed steps for each Service).

2.Once Service configuration is complete, navigate to Settings | Services | Onboarding.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

3.Click to the expand the appropriate environment/phase for which you are submitting the Onboarding setup request.

a.NOTE: Certification is a slightly different procedure as there are phases. See Payment Certification for more details.

4.On the Notes tab, enter a brief description related to the request. E.g. Initial setup of QA environment.

5.Select the appropriate Service tab and then the environment/setup that you want to request. Repeat this step for each Service you are requesting.

6.Click Request Setup.

7.The Environment/Phase status changes to Requested.

a.See Onboarding Statuses below for more information on the statuses of the onboarding requests.

8.An email will be sent to the Approving Managers, Portal Admins, Onboading Edit Users, and Integration Consultants once the request is processed.

Configure services for onboarding

Most Services require some level of configuration and information to onboard the Merchant, which creates the applicable accounts and environments. See the setup and onboarding details per Service below.


Token Management Service

B2B Gateway

B2B Customer Verify-Elavon EMV Token Exchange

Payment Certification

B2B Securelink (Email Trigger)

B2B Secure

B2B Intercept

B2B File Transfer

B2B Updater

Oracle Solution

Merchant Origination IP

SAP Solution

SLA Report

SAP Digital Payments Add-On

Worldpay APM (Notification Relay)

TreviPay Notifications (Notification Relay)


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Onboarding statuses

The onboarding setup requests have the following statuses.

hmtoggle_plus1  New

hmtoggle_plus1  Requested

hmtoggle_plus1  Modified

hmtoggle_plus1  Complete