The purpose of this topic is to outline the procedures required to Onboard Clients via Merchant Portal Merchant Onboarding Status page.

Additional information

Ogone Onboarding: For any customers Onboarded to Ogone the ‘Enable Capture Batch’ configuration setting should be set to ‘1’ (ON) to allow for transactions to be settled through the WebGUI.

For the Retail Decisions cartridge, Under System Settings, "Fraud Component" needs to be manually set to "XiPayFraud.RetailDecisions.1"


This procedure consists of the following tasks:


Onboarding request in Merchant Portal

1.Onboarding requests are initiated by the Merchant or Integrator via Merchant Portal.

2.All Onboarding requests are housed in Merchant Portal under Merchant/Onboarding Status


3.Double click on the desired Merchant/Client from the list.

4.Review and then select the setup requests that you would like to process.

5.Review the Summary Of Requested Changes on right side of the page.


6.Click Process Request.

7.End procedure.

Testing transaction from SOAP if XIID fails to complete transaction

Once you process the XiPay onboarding request, if you receive an error message regarding the transaction the perform the following steps to test from SoapUI. If this procedure fails, determine your next action based on the error message received.

1.The purpose of testing from Web Services is to tests routes and make sure tokenization works

2.Open SoapUI

3.Obtain the WSA username and password in XiPay Users

4.Click Show Password for the WSA Account (Prod will never show password for security purposes)

5.In SoapUI payload, Merchant ID is the route value

6.Update CardType and CardNumber, WSA Username, Password

7.Submit payload request

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