The Routing ID is used to route transactions to the appropriate XIID. It is usually the same value as the Merchant ID assigned by the payment processor; however, it can be any unique ID you assign for routing purposes for the given payment configuration environment.

The routing ID is entered in the Routing: Merchant ID field in the B2B Gateway: Payment Configuration section.

The Routing tab displays the following fields:

Payment Configuration names

QA and Production XIIDs (when setup)

Route ID

Edit a route ID

1.Select a Route ID.

2.Click edit. The Edit Route dialog box displays.

3.Enter a new routing ID in the Routing Merchant Id field.

4.Click save.


Additional features

You can test your routing ID via the Routing page as well.

1.Click the show empty transaction link to display an empty xml data packet for a transaction (in the the left frame of the page).

2.Enter values in the xml data elements including the appropriate routing ID.

3.Click the test route link to ensure it routes to the appropriate XIID (a.k.a. Server ID as expected).

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