The two main Portal Users for Partners as follows:

Portal Admins (PA)


Note that the Approving Manager role is not applicable to Partners/Integrators.

Additional information

Consultants are created as Portal Users in the System Integrator's (SI) portal. If you give them the PA role, the consultants will have access to all Merchants to which the SI is assigned.

To limit access to only the Merchants to which the Consultant is assigned, give him/her the Onboarding Edit role.

You can also limit a Consultant's role to view-only (Onboarding View) access.

oNote that the Onboarding View role at the Merchant level. An individual must be assigned this role and assigned to the Merchant. An enhancement request is in development for a Project Mgmt permission that would give view access to all Merchants assigned to the System Integrator.

Roles and permissions

Portal users should be limited to individuals with specific business requirements for access.

See the Role Information table under Add / Edit a Merchant Portal User section below for more information on Portal User types. Determine which roles you plan to assign before adding the user.

How to

hmtoggle_plus1 Add / edit a Merchant Portal user

hmtoggle_plus1 Activate expired user

hmtoggle_plus1 Unlock user

hmtoggle_plus1 Disable/enable user

hmtoggle_plus1 Delete user