There are four integration methods available for Intercept eComm as follows:

Integration method


Form Post

Merchant performs a Post to Intercept eComm from the application server.

Intercept eComm redirects to the URL defined by the Merchant; any additional fields aside from what is being tokenized can be sent in the XML packet.


Merchant performs an Ajax call to Intercept eComm from the application server.

User never leaves page.


B2B Payments hosts the content of the IFrame.

Merchant can style and control what fields display; there are multiple content templates or Merchant can completely customize.


B2B Payments hosts the entire page.

When initiating payment, Merchant's client is redirected to the B2B Payments (Paymetric) URL.

Intercept eComm redirects to URL defined by the Merchant after processing the request.

There are two other workflows supported by Intercept eComm as follows:

3DS with Token - workflow used for 3DS calls using a token instead of a raw card number.

AliPay - payment method implemented through Intercept eComm and Cardinal Commerce.

Refer to the Intercept eCommerce Integration Guide for more details.