Configure SAP Digital Payments Add-On

The following must be enabled, configured, and onboarded before you can use SAP Digital Payments Add-On for a Merchant:

Intercept eCommerce – Must have “hosted” enabled in the wizard on the Services tab. Configure ecomm (under the Settings menu).

Token Exchange Service Profile – Must be enabled in the wizard. Go to Settings > Token Exchange Service Profile, and set up a profile. After it is onboarded, the profile will display on the DPAO Configuration under the TMS Profile Name drop-down list.

Token Exchange Service Account – Go to Token Exchange Service Profile > Account, and then configure and onboard. Verify that you have tokenize and detokenize permissions for the account that will be used for SAP Digital Payments Add-On. After it is onboarded, go to the Account page, and copy the Merchant Identifier and the Shared Key in the respective fields, as described below.

How to complete SAP Digital Payments Add-On configuration

1.Edit the Merchant to configure SAP Digital Payments Add-On. Select the Services tab, then select SAP Digital Payments Add-On, and then click next.  


2.Select the SAP DPAO tab, select an Adapter, and then click next.  



3.Select SAP Digital Payments Add-On Profiles under the Settings menu for the Merchant. You can also access this from the Merchant Settings dashboard.


4.To add a profile, click add. To edit an existing DPAO profile, select the profile and click edit.


5.To configure a profile:

a.Enter a Name.

b.Select an Adapter. Additional fields display to configure adapter provider specific values. When you click into a field, the Help section to the right displays a description.


6.Enter the following Profile Configurations. For each profile configuration, enter the QA value and Production value:

Note: For all Digital Payments Add-On profiles that are configured for a given Merchant, the following fields should be configured the the same way for all of the Merchant's Digital Payments Add-on Profiles: Tenant Id, TMS Profile Name, Tenant Subdomain, TMS Merchant Identifier, and TMS Shared Key.  

Merchant Account  

Merchant Account.

Username and Password  

User name and password.

Tenant Id

Tenant ID.

TMS Profile Name

Name of the Token Exchange Service Profile. This must be enabled in the Token Exchange Service Profile.

Tenant Plan

The type of tenant.

Tenant Subdomain

The name of the subdomain used to identify the tenant.

TMS Merchant Identifier

Enter (or copy/paste) the Merchant Identifier from the Token Exchange Service Account.

TMS Shared Key

Enter (or copy/paste) the Shared Key from the Token Exchange Service Account.

7.Click save. The profile entry displays "Requested." After the onboarding request is complete, the Adapter displays for the respective environment.