Hierarchy, Roles, and Contacts

Merchant Portal hierarchy consists of an organization that has a Merchant or multiple Merchants. An organization may have multiple Merchants if there is a single Master Service Agreement but multiple B2B Gateway Web Service Accounts (WSA) are required, or there are other business requirements that would drive this need.

If the same Web Service Account can be used but the Merchant wants to divide their B2B Gateway Users by business groups/divisions, then only one Merchant is needed in the portal and the groupings can be achieved by using  Subdivisions. Your Relationship Manager with work with you to determine your organization setup. Multiple Merchant scenarios are applicable depending upon varying contractual and business factors.


Single WSA account scenario

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Two WSA account scenario PA acting as backup AM for Merchant

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Permission roles for Merchants

There are three main permission roles for Merchants.

hmtoggle_plus1Portal Admin (PA)

hmtoggle_plus1  Approving Manager (AM)

hmtoggle_plus1Onboarding Edit

Incident management contacts

There are two main Merchant contact types that should be provided as follows:

hmtoggle_plus1Functional contacts

hmtoggle_plus1  Technical contacts

How to define contacts in Merchant Portal

You can create functional and technical contacts in Merchant Portal on the Users page accessed via menu path Admin | Users.

If the individual will be a Contact Type only and does NOT need access to the Merchant Portal (i.e. he/she will be acting as contact only and not performing Approving Manager/Portal Admin and/or Onboarding Edit responsibilities), then no Permission role is assigned. See Add/Edit a Functional or Technical Contact for more information.


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