For partners or Integrators

B2B Payments creates a Partner Portal with an initial Portal Admin (PA).

The PA will be able to see all Merchants that B2B Payments has assigned to the Partner.

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Types of Partners in Merchant Portal - Integrator and Tokenization Partner

Types of Partners

Creating Consultant/Integrator users in Merchant Portal

Partner Portal Users

Obtaining a login to the Merchant's B2B Gateway environments

Consultant B2B Virtual Terminal Users

Assigning Consultants to Merchants

Note the Consultant must first be creating as an Integrator Portal User.

Consultant-Merchant Assignments

Completely removing a Consultant from the Portal, e.g. if a Consultant leaves the Company

Remove Consultants from Portal

Requesting Service environments and how to obtain the following:

For Intercept eCommerce: Merchant GUID and Shared Key

For B2B Gateway: Web Service Account (WSA) credentials

For B2B Secure: Signed Client Certificate

Services Onboarding

The Resources page in the Merchant Portal and Integration information

Resources and Integration

General Merchant Information

General Merchant Information