This topic covers how to export a list of users to a spreadsheet format for customization. You can use this export feature to assist in auditing your users and permissions.

You will want to first group and/or filter for the records you want to export.

How to export a list of B2B Virtual Terminal users

1.Go to Settings > WebGUI Users (B2B Virtual Terminal Users). If your organization has multiple merchants, double click a merchant line to select.

2.Select the group by configuration you desire. Use the filters to narrow your results to export only the desired data or leave blank to view all users.

3.Click the export option.

a.Select export grid to export the current view.

b.Select with xiid to export a list that provides all users and which permissions they have for each XIID (a.k.a. B2B Gateway Server ID).

4.A new window will display the report in an Excel spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet to your local drive for customization.

The WSA account will be included in this export. For more information, refer to the Maintain B2B Gateway WSA Password topic.