The purpose of this document is to outline the steps needed to successfully migrate a customer from the ExFTS platform to the XiTransfer platform. The XiTranser platform has reporting and notification functionalities. XiTransfer also gives the Onboarding team more visibility and control on the customer’s accounts.

At the time this document is written, the first customer we will migrate is UST Global (also one of our partners). The file provider for the first migration will be AMEX.

Intended audience

Intended audience is for internal Onboarding analyst that is assigned to the migration project.

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Key Resources:

Angela Garza (Director of Production Management) will be involved in reaching out to the file providers to initiate the migration. She will assist in identifying resources on the file provider side to work with.

Lauren Allen (Project Manager) will assist in tracking tasks for each of these projects since these are internal B2B Payments projects, initiated and managed by B2B Payments.

Onboarding Analyst will be responsible for communicating the process, cutover plan and timeline with the File Providers and Customers. They will also be responsible for working the connection and file transfer with the File Provider.

For all correspondences, please cc: XiTransferServices@paymetric.com; Agarza@paymetric.com; lallen@paymetric.com so everyone is kept in the loop and the backup resource on XiTransfer doesn’t miss a beat.

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Ongoing Project Spreadsheet: http://pmsharepoint/support/CS%20Onboarding/C4TE%20(SAP%20Travel)%20Projects.xlsx

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