This page is used to request a DI Standalone (DI-SA) Organization Admin. Once the request is processed the DI-SA, the DI-SA GUI URL will be available on this page.

DI SAP Single Sign-on (SSO)

If implementing DI-SAP SSO, the only thing the DI-SA Org Admin needs to do on the DI-SA GUI site is configure the Card Types if using a payment field template that has the Card Type dropdown field.


DI SAP CRM SAP UI - requires the following for configuration in SAP. Follow the procedure below to obtain.

oDI Standalone SSO MID

oDI Standalone URLs.

DI USAP CRM Web UI - requires the following for configuration in SAP. See DI for eCommerce Onboarding on how to obtain.

oDI eCommerce Global Unique Identifier (GUID)

oDI eCommerce Shared Key


1.In the Merchant Portal, select menu path: Settings | XiIntercept SA/SAP.

2.Click edit.

3.Enter the First Name, Last Name and Email address for the DI SA Org Admin.

4.Are you ready to submit the Onboarding setup request?

a.YES, select menu path: Settings | Onboarding and continue to the next step.

b.NO, continue with your configuration and submit the request later for all On-Demand Services at once.

5.Select the DI SA tab.

6.Click the Request Setup button.

7.You are prompted to enter onboarding notes.

8.Click Request Setup button again. Your request is submitted and the status for the given environment changes to Requested.

a.Once you receive notification that the Onboarding request is processed, access the URL from this page in the Merchant Portal and proceed with DI SA User creation. Refer to XiAssist for Users site for DI SA Administration help.

username: pmclient

password: help@paymetric