XiIntercept for SAP ByDesign Onboarding


You should first obtain the M User Certificate file from SAP.

Perform the following steps for both QA and Production environments.


1.In the Merchant Portal, select menu path: Settings | By Design.

2.Click edit.

3.Enter the Inbound URL you obtained from SAP.

4.Upload the M User Certificate file you obtained from SAP.

5.Click Save.

6.Are you ready to submit the Onboarding setup request?

a.YES, select menu path: Settings | Onboarding and continue to the next step.

b.NO, continue with your configuration and submit the request later for all On-Demand Services at once.

7.Select the By Design tab.

8.Click the Request Setup button.

9.You are prompted to enter onboarding notes.

10.Click Request Setup button again. Your request is submitted and the status for the given environment changes to Requested.