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What is the B2B Virtual Terminal?

WSA vs. Regular B2B Virtual Terminal Users

B2B Gateway Server IDs (a.k.a. XIIDs)

High-level Process for Maintaining B2B Virtual Terminal Users

Giving Consultants Access to Your B2B Gateway Environment(s)

What is the B2B Virtual Terminal?

Use the B2B Virtual Terminal to:

Create or authorize new transactions.

Settle transactions created either in the B2B Virtual Terminal or from an external system (SAP, other ERP, legacy, web store).

View transaction details and track progress.


The Merchant Portal is used to maintain B2B Virtual Terminal users. Before discussing how to maintain those users, we will first discuss some concepts related to Virtual Terminal.

WSA vs. regular B2B Virtual Terminal user

The B2B Gateway Web Service Account (WSA) user is the system user credentials that are used to authenticate to the B2B Gateway platform. The username and password are configured in various source systems and/or applications during implementation. See Set XiPay WSA Password for more information.

B2B Gateway server IDs (a.k.a. XIIDs)

B2B Gateway is configured using the concept of Server IDs (also known as XIIDs). These IDs represent a unique payment configuration environment in B2B Gateway. It is common to have multiple Server IDs. For example, a merchant could have eight retail locations; each location has its own Merchant ID and therefore eight Server IDs are established. Separate Server IDs may be created based on currency and/or card type as well. It depends on your processing and routing needs. This is determined with your B2B Payments Implementation Consultant.

It is important to plan your user permission requirements BEFORE you create or edit users. See the additional topics below.

High-level process for maintaining B2B Virtual Terminal users

A.Plan the User Permission Requirements before you starting creating and/or editing users.

B.Create the Subdivisions if needed.

C.Create the B2B Virtual Terminal Users and assign them permissions or to Subdivisions as needed.

Giving consultants access to your B2B Gateway environment(s)

In order for a Consultant to be given access to a Merchant's B2B Gateway environment(s), they must be first be created as a "Portal User" in the Integrator's Portal and then assigned as a Consultant to the Merchant. The Integrator's Portal Admin performs these tasks.

Then, only the Merchant's Approving Manager(s) (AM) can give an Integrator Consultant access to their B2B Virtual Terminal DEV or QA environments. Note that Integrators should not have access to Production.

The Merchant's AM navigates to the B2B Virtual Terminal Users page and chooses to add an existing user. They will see any assigned Consultants in the list of existing users.


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