Configure NPT users that Merchants will use to authenticate against the Network Payment Token API.  

1.After it is enabled in the Merchant profile wizard, select the Network Payment Token Service section will appear under the Settings menu for the Merchant. You can also access the Network Payment Token Service from the Merchant Settings dashboard.

2.Select Users, and then click Add New User.


3.To add a user, do the following:

a.Enter a name.

a.Enter the secret keys for each environment (QA and Prod). If you do not enter a key, one will automatically be generated.  

b.Select the permissions for each environment. Select Active to enable the user. To disable the user, clear the check box.


4.Click save. The user entry displays "Pending."



After the onboarding request is complete, the User Identifier displays. Use this value as part of the authentication/authorization when making a request call to the API.