1.Select Network Payment Token Service Profiles under the Settings menu for the Merchant. You can also access this from the Merchant Settings dashboard.

2.To add a profile, click add. To edit an existing NPT profile, select the profile and click edit.



3.To configure a profile, do the following:

a.Enter a name.

b.Select a provider. Additional fields display to configure token provider specific values. When you click into a field, the Help section to the right displays a description.

a.Select the permissions for each environment (QA and Prod). Select Active to enable the profile. To disable the profile, clear the check box.


4.Click save to create. The profile entry displays "Pending." After the onboarding request is complete, the Identifier displays for the respective environment. The NPT Profile IDs are used during Provision Token and Provision Cryptogram requests in the NPT API (tokenization service).



Vantiv network payment token provider configuration fields

Following is an example of Vantiv profile configuration settings.