Depending on the token format you are using, you will need one or more of the following before you set up the Token Exchange Service.

Vantiv OmniToken formats: Establish accounts and obtain the following:

oRollup ID

oMerchant ID

WPG token formats: Establish accounts and obtain the following:

oMerchant ID

oMerchant PrivateKey (.pem file)

oMerchant Username

oMerchant Password

XiSecure token formats: Verify that the XiSecure client is configured and onboarded.


1.Select Token Exchange Service Profiles under the Settings menu for the Merchant.

2.Click add.



3.Enter a name. This name will be used as the profileId when making the API calls.


4.Select a provider. Additional fields display to configure merchant specific account/authentication values and/or certificates as required by the provider. B2B Secure displays the configured DSP that has the client certificate already configured on the XiSecure page. Following are examples of Vantiv, eProtect, and Worldpay configuration settings.

5.Click save to create.

Vantiv and eProtect token provider configuration fields

Vantiv and eProtect token providers have the same Profile Configurations fields.


Worldpay token provider configuration fields