This section outlines key requirements every B2B Payments On-Demand client must fulfill before go-live. These are not recommendations but mandates that are intended to ensure that B2B Payments clients have successful go-lives and problem-free transactional operations post go-live.

The primary objectives of certification include:

Ensuring that the actual features and functionality within the On-Demand service perform are to stated specifications.

Confirming that the various aspects of the delivered solution are fully functional prior to go-live.

Validating that the project deliverables meet the intended business requirements.

You should plan to complete User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in QA and submit the Solution Summary to initiate the certification process a minimum of 4 - 6 weeks PRIOR to go-live . However, you can initiate the certification process any time after completing UAT even if the go-live date is farther out.

Certification prerequisites

QA environment must be configured and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) complete.

The individual to perform the certification tasks for the Merchant must be identified and have either of the following permission roles in Merchant Portal: Portal Admin, Approving Manager or Onboarding Edit.

Certification process

The certification process consists of four phases as follows. Click on the links below for further phase details.


1. Solution Summary

The Merchant (with the assistance of the System Integrator (SI) if needed) builds the solution summary by confirming the existing data, completing any missing data, The Solution Summary is submitted for review via the Onboarding page.

2. Review Setup

B2B Payments reviews the setup details, generates the test scenarios, then notifies the Client and Consultants the test scenarios are available and to proceed with performing the tests.

3. Run Tests

The Merchant authorizes and settles a transaction for each test case scenario provided by B2B Payments on the Certification page and enters the transaction IDs when complete.

4. Certification

B2B Payments reviews and validates all of the tests and sets status to either Pass or Fail for each test.

Changes that require certification

For existing Merchants, the following sections lists changes to the environment that would require certification.

Requires certification

Certification is required if there are changes to any of the following items for an existing MID/XIID.

Payment Origination Point (POP)

Add-on DI eComm service (new webstore)

Cartridge/ Platform Changes

Trans Type

Payment Type


Data Levels (XiOptimize)

Other Features/Functions such as AVS, CVV, MasterCard SecureCode

For a new MID/XIID, certification is required unless there is an existing MID/XIID that is certified with the same information for the values listed above and only the MID differs. For example, if you need to switchover an existing MID for business reasons and are settling in one while authorizing in another; this scenario is not the norm.

Does NOT require certification

No changes to features/ functions

No changes to POP or Source System

Adding additional stores/ boutiques/ locations, etc with the same requirements and elements as those listed above of an existing, certified XIID

Add-on XiVerify, DI SAP, and XiRecon Services

To summarize, if the payload changes, XiPay configuration changes, Payment Origination Point changes, then Certification is required.


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