If you are NOT implementing Custom Roles for BillPay, you only need to refer to the Merchant Portal Users topic.

The BillPay roles and associated permission levels are maintained in Merchant Portal using this page. Merchant Users are maintained in Merchant Portal while Buyer Users are maintained in the BillPay Portal. Refer to the BillPay Portal help for more information on creating and maintaining the Buyer Users. To access BillPay Portal help, from within that portal, click the gear icon at the top of the page and then click Help.

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Steps to Add New Custom Role

Steps to Enable Activity Reporting for Existing Role


You must have Custom Roles enabled in your Profile in order to see the BillPay Roles page and configure custom roles.

How to add a new custom role

1.Navigate to Settings | BillPay | Roles menu path.

2.Are Custom Roles enabled?

a.NO, click edit to enable next to Merchant Custom Roles and select the checkbox for Define Custom Roles to enable.

b.YES, continue to the next step.

Ex: Not Enabled - Click to Expand 

Ex: Not Enabled - Click to Expand 

Ex: Enabled - Click to Expand

Ex: Enabled - Click to Expand

3.Are you implementing the BillPay Activity Report?

a.NO, continue to the next step.

b.YES, click edit next to Merchant Custom Roles to verify that Activity Reporting is enabled and continue to the next step.

i.This is done in the same window as Step 1. If you do not see the option, B2B Payments has not enabled the report functionality in your Profile.

4.Determine the Custom Roles you want to create and permissions you want to assign. Expand the following link for a table of permissions with descriptions.

hmtoggle_arrow1BillPay Permission Descriptions

5.In either the Merchant Custom Roles or Buyer Custom Roles section, click add.

Custom Roles Add - Click to Expand

Custom Roles Add - Click to Expand

6.In the Role field enter a name for the permission role.

7.In the Description field, define the purpose of the role.

8.If Activity Reporting is enabled, perform the following; otherwise, skip this step.

a.Select the Include in Activity Reporting checkbox to include the activity for Users assigned to this role in the Activity Report.

b.Optionally, select Self-Reporting Only checkbox if you want to limit the activity a User can see to just his/hers.

9.Select the checkbox for the desired Permission(s) to assign to the role.

10.Click save.

11.Once all of your Custom Roles are created, see Merchant Portal Users topic for information on creating/editing users and how to assign roles.

How to enable BillPay activity reporting on existing role

BillPay Portal has an Activity Report that provides transaction counts and scheduled payment counts by user. The report requires the use of BillPay Custom Roles with Activity Reporting enabled and BillPay Teams. Expand these section if you need information on setting up that report.

hmtoggle_plus1 High-level setup process for the activity report

hmtoggle_plus1 Activity reporting to existing role


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