Review the top-level BillPay topic if you are new to BillPay configuration. It provides key terms and an understanding of the overall configuration process for the solution as well as what tasks are performed in Merchant Portal vs. BillPay Portal.

Prerequisites and considerations

INTERNAL Users: The display of many of the configuration settings is determined by what is enabled within the Merchant Profile. Verify the appropriate BillPay settings are enabled before beginning configuration. See Enable BillPay topic for more details.

There are various settings that only display if they are enabled.

oYou will not see the BillPay section under the Settings | Services menu if it is not added to your Merchant Profile.

oThe Custom Data, Payments (enhanced), Receipt and Single Sign-On tabs will only display based on the features that have been enabled by B2B Payments.

You should review the BillPay Basic and Enhanced Features topic to determine your enhanced feature needs and assist in your understanding of the configuration settings.

For Merchants implementing Buyers, settings in Merchant Portal are global settings across all Buyers. Some of these settings can be overridden for a given Buyer via the BillPay Portal Buyer Configuration page.

How to complete BillPay configuration

Validations on the configuration settings are not performed until you submit the Onboarding setup request. (I.e. You are allowed to save the BillPay settings even if required fields are left blank so you do not have to complete everything at once.)

You will receive an error message if there are blank required fields when you attempt to submit the Onboarding setup request. See BillPay Minimum Required Fields to Onboard for more details.

1.Navigate to Settings | BillPay menu path.

2.Complete the appropriate fields on each tab that is displayed.

a.The blue info icon indicates the tab only displays if additional enhanced functionality is enabled.

b.Expand the tab sections below for detailed field descriptions and/or instructions per tab.

hmtoggle_plus1 Setup tab

hmtoggle_plus1 General tab

hmtoggle_plus1 Custom Data tab infoIconBlue

hmtoggle_plus1 Payments tab (basic)

hmtoggle_plus1 Payments tab (enhanced) infoIconBlue

hmtoggle_plus1 Receipts Data tab infoIconBlue

hmtoggle_plus1 Single Sign-On tab infoIconBlue

hmtoggle_plus1 Buyer Notifications tab infoIconBlue

3.For new onboarding, perform the following next steps; otherwise, continue to onboarding request to submit configuration changes.

a.Complete the Merchant Division configuration if you have not done so already.

b.If you are implementing Custom Roles, complete that page as well.

4.To complete the environment setup, you must submit the Onboarding Request via the Onboarding page once all BillPay setup and configuration tasks have been performed.

NOTE: You cannot implement both subsidiaries and single sign-on functionality.


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