BillPay Minimum Required Fields to Onboard

An error will occur if you attempt to submit a BillPay Onboarding setup request and any of the following items are missing not completed/configured.

General tab

oXiTransfer Shortname

oURL Alias

oEmail From Address

oSupport URL

oMust have at least one whitelisted IP address configured for either Batch or API in the environment being requested

Payments tab

oMust have at least one supported currency

oMust have at least one supported card type

oMust have at least one reason code if the merchant support reason codes

Merchant Division page

oMust have at least one XIID configured and processed for a Merchant Division, for the environment being requested


Once the BillPay initial Onboarding request has been processed, if there is a change to any of the following settings, they are saved directly to BillPay once you click Review and Finish in the Merchant Wizard. They do not require the additional Onboarding Setup request to be processed.

Export Limit

Multi Language Support

Number of Buyer Users

Number of Merchant Users

Near Real-Time (RESTful API)

Custom Roles