The purpose of this procedure is to add the DL Lists to an Account so that any Contact associated with that account that has signed-up for Service Notifications will receive them.

This should be performed when the Merchant is created in Merchant Portal IF you know the Processors. If NOT, then wait until you enter the Processor information in MP, login into SF and add all of the DLs at once.

Add-ons: Remember if a Merchant has an add-on service that has a DL, go back into Salesforce right after you add the Service in Merchant Portal to ensure they get the appropriate notifications.


This is an important part of Onboarding the Merchant as it controls which Service Notifications the Merchant's Contacts will receive.


If this step is not done, none of the Contacts for a given Merchant will receive Service Notifications even if they have signed-up for them.

Additional information

The DL (Distribution Lists) are associated to a Salesforce Campaign. The Campaigns are synchronized automatically with Lists in Pardot (which is the email tool used for all notifications).

All of the Campaigns/DL names for Service Notifications are pre-fixed with "SN-", e.g. SN-XiPay, SN-Paymentech Salem, SN-XiSecure and so on. This is helpful to know when search for them.

There is a separate Campaign/DL for each Service or Component that could been affected independently during maintenance or any system problem. So for example, there is a separate DL for Intercept eCommerce and Intercept SA/SAP. SA and SAP are combined because you cannot affect one without affecting the other. There are separate DLs for all of the B2B Gateway Cartridges and B2B Customer Verify Cartridges.

If you want to view a complete list of the Service Notification DLs, click on Campaigns and then create a view with a filter in which the Campaign Name starts with "SN-".


1.Locate the Account to which you need to add the DL List.

1.1.Easiest way is to use the global search and the top of the page. You'll focus on the results returned in the Account section of the page.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

2.Click the Account name to open it.

3.Either scroll to the bottom of the page or click the DL Lists link to jump to that section.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

4.Click the [New DL List] button.

5.In the Campaign field, click the search icon.

6.In the Lookup pop-up window, enter 'sn-' in the search field and click [Go!].

6.1.TIP: You can enter the first few letters after the hyphen to help narrow the search, e.g. 'sn-xis' if searching for B2B Secure DL.

7.Click on the Campaign/DL to select it.


8.Cick [Save].