Merchant Approving Managers - Portal Admins

As stated in the Getting Started section, there are two main roles in the Merchant Portal as follows for Merchants/Clients:

Portal Admin (PA)

The initial user created when the Merchant Portal is created. This individual must be defined before the Portal can be created.

For most Clients, the Portal Admin is really just the first Approving Manager. This role only has significance if you have more than one Merchant within your Organization. It is essentially the Approving Manager role but across all Merchants in the Organization, if applicable.

The PA can also create other PA users as well as other other user types.

Cautiontransparent If the PA will be performing Onboarding setup requests or B2B Virtual Terminal user account and password maintenance, he/she should be assigned the Approving Manager role as well to receive all of the email notifications associated with these tasks.


As the PA, you can go to menu path Admin | Users and add the Approving Manager role to your profile as well.


Do not remove the PA role. You will want to have at least one PA within your Organization.

Approving Manager (AM)

The AM has the same capabilities as the PA but is limited to the Merchant or Merchants to which he/she is assigned. Each Merchant must have at least one AM assigned and the PA with AM role as well for backup OR have two AMs. This is to ensure there is a backup for the AM responsibilities.



Reference topic(s)

Adding, editing or deleting Portal and B2B Virtual Terminal users. Can also add other Approving Managers.

Merchant Portal Users

B2B Virtual Terminal Users

Managing B2B Virtual Terminal password unlock and/or enable user requests.

Enable or Unlock B2B Virtual Terminal User

Auditing B2B Virtual Terminal users and permissions and performing the necessary changes if someone has left the organization or roles has changed.

Auditing and Best Practices

Can submit environment onboarding and change requests and can perform B2B Secure certificate renewals.

The AM/PA can create a Portal user with only the Onboarding Edit role if they want an individual to be able to perform environment requests and certificate renewals, but not user management functions.

Merchant Onboarding Requests

Renew or Replace B2B Secure Certificate

Merchant Portal Users

Creates the Primary and Alternate Functional and Technical contacts in the Merchant Portal.

One-time creation unless the contacts change.

These contacts can be designated as contacts only or given Merchant Portal user permissions as well.

Primary and Alternate Functional and Technical contacts are liaisons between the end users and Support Services. Submits Support Requests via Service Portal (

Add/Edit a Functional or Technical Contact


AM estimated time commitment

After your initial audit of B2B Virtual Terminal users, the estimated time commitment for an AM depends upon the churn rate of your employees that utilize B2B Payments products and services as well as the number of employees. This could be approximately 30 minutes per month or perhaps a couple of hours per quarter.

Time spent on submitting support requests depends upon your user community and the number of Functional and Technical Contacts that are assigned.

Typical business roles that act as AM or functional and technical contacts

hmtoggle_plus1Approving Manager business roles
hmtoggle_plus1Functional contacts

hmtoggle_plus1  Technical contacts


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