1.In Merchant Portal, go Settings | Services | XiPay.The Configuration page displays.

a.NOTE: If your organization has multiple merchants, double click a merchant line to select it first then navigate to this page.

2.Click the add link.

Configuration tab:

3.Complete the following sections:

a.Name - Unique name chosen by Client or their System Integrator (SI) to identify a given payment configuration. The Payment Configuration Name should include the Client's short name, payment type, and environment, e.g. CustomerShortName_VMC_QA.

b.Environment - Select from the following checkboxes: Development (DEV), Quality Assurance (QA) or Production (PROD). Note Dev is only applicable for B2B Gateway.

i.Development - Is setup separate from Quality Assurance and Production. Development is only available for XiPay. Multiple Dev environments can be setup. Dev environments do not count against the maximum number of environments per contract terms.

ii.Quality Assurance - The QA and Production environments are always requested together. If you setup QA only, you can never go back and request the Production setup.

iii.Production - The Production environment is activated after the Certification process has been completed for the QA environment.

c.Processor & Provider Support

i.Cartridge (Select from the drop down menu if the Fraud Service Provider has been previously setup).

1.Note there is an optional checkbox to use a Test Cartridge (Null) that is applicable for QA only.

2.When you select the Cartridge, the Setup tab displays.

ii.Fraud Provider - Only displays if B2B Customer Verify or Token Exchange is enabled for the Merchant.

1.Note there is an optional checkbox to use the Test Fraud Provider (Applicable for QA only).

d.XIID Configuration - (Note the fields in this section are dynamic based on your selections, let the page finish "Loading" after a selection is made).

i.Backend Processor - Select the Cartridge from the drop down menu.

ii.Process Level - Select Level 1, 2 or 3.

iii.Payment Type - Select from the drop-down menu (MasterCard, Visa, etc.).

iv.Currency - Select from the drop-down menu.

v.Processing Capability - Select from the drop-down menu.

e.Token Aware - Select to fully integrate B2B Gateway with B2B Secure and send tokens at auth and settlement.

f.Sales - Select to implement the Sale Operation that allows for automatic settlement after authorization.

g.Payment Origination - Select options from the drop down menus for:






h.Routing Merchant ID - This ID is normally used to route transactions to the appropriate XIID. It is usually the same value as the Merchant ID assigned by the payment processor; however, it can be any unique ID you want to assign for routing purposes the given payment configuration environment.

i.Integration Notes - Enter any integration notes in this field.

4.Click the save link in the lower right corner of the page.


WebGUI settings tab:

5.Enter the values to be used for the Payment Types.

Setup tab:

6.Complete all required fields indicated with an asterisk and all optional fields, as applicable.

Additional and routing tabs:

7.There may be additional tabs of data depending upon the features being implemented, e.g. Level II Setup. Complete all tabs as applicable.

8.On the Routing tab, enter the B2B Gateway Merchant Routing ID. This can be the same value as your Processor Merchant ID or a value that makes sense to your business for that payment environment, e.g. USD_MOTO.

Onboarding request:

9.Navigate to Settings | Onboarding.

10.Expand the appropriate environment section.

11.Select the XiPay tab.

12.Select the checkbox for the Payment Configuration to be processed.

a.Note if there is an error with the Payment Configuration there will not be a checkbox available, and you will see an error link in the Validation column.

13.Either click Request Setup button at this time, OR continue to the other On-Demand Service tabs if necessary.

14.You are prompted to enter onboarding notes.

a.For new Onboarding request, in the notes you may want to include information if you will have multiple phases of your project and that you will be submitting more environment/setup requests later. The main purpose of the Onboarding notes is to summarize why the request is being made. This is more applicable in the Change process.

15.Click Request Setup button again. Your request is submitted and the status for the given environment changes to Requested.

16.Once the request is processed, an email notification is sent to the Approving Managers and all Consultants assigned to the Merchant.

a.B2B Payments will also be updating the Onboarding notes with a summary of tasks being performed.