An existing user is one of the following:

A Consultant assigned to you.

Any User that is a B2B Virtual Terminal User on another Merchant within your Organization (if you have more than one Merchant). You can view your Organization to see if there are Multiple Merchants by navigating to: Settings > Merchant Profile > Organization.

Additional information

Consultant access

Use the procedure to give an Integration Consultant access to your B2B Virtual Terminal environment or remove their access.

Merchant user access

Use this procedure to give a B2B Virtual Terminal User on another Merchant in your Organization access to the selected Merchant. Note that B2B Virtual Terminal UI Users have access to all of the XIIDs (a.k.a. Payment Configurations) for the given Merchant. If you want to limit User access at the XIID level, you will need to create Subdivisions.

How to add an existing user

1.Go to Settings >| WebGUI Users (Virtual Terminal Users). If your organization has multiple merchants, double click a merchant line to select.

2.Click the user to edit. You can search for a user by entering text into any of the text fields and/or selecting a filter.

3.Click the add existing user option, and then click the Add Existing User drop down list for eligible contacts.

4.Select the person to add as a B2B Virtual Terminal User. Their existing contact information is automatically filled in to the form and grayed out.

5.Leave the Enable checkbox selected.

a.This will only be de-selected if, for example, a User leaves the Organization and the ID should be disabled.

6.In Member Of, select the Permission Group(s) to which you want to add the User.

a.The Member Of contains all available Subdivisions and Permission Groups for the merchant. Select the desired subdivision, if applicable.

b.Click the dropdown list for each environment to select the appropriate permissions for that environment.

It is best practice to never provide production access to System Integrators and business partners without due consideration for security risks.

Administrator access in a Production environment allows the user to view real raw card numbers. This access should limited to those that business requirements dictate this level of access. Administrator rights in Dev and QA environments also reveal raw card numbers as entered for testing purposes.

Permission Role



Administrators role is a Server ID-wide permission and cannot be configured based on transaction types, ranges or user roles. Once assigned, the User is able to view raw card numbers on ANY transaction within the Server ID.

You can view which Users have displayed Raw Card Numbers in the Audit Log in B2B Virtual Terminal.

By assigning this role to a User, the Customer understands and accepts the risk associated with permitting its employees and vendors to view raw card numbers. We are not liable for any potential fraud committed by customer’s employees or agents who have been granted this permission. The Customer understands that we cannot assist in any investigation should a compromise occur.


Ability to perform standard authorizations, verbal authorizations, and to cancel authorizations.


Ability to perform credits.


Ability to perform settlements, reset and close batches.


Ability to execute and download reports.

8.Click the save option. A Welcome email is automatically sent to the Email address you entered for the User instructing them to change their password and enroll in the password reset utility.